Adoption Ceremony

An adoption celebration ceremony is a way to celebrate the unity of family. Adoption is a different way of becoming a family and many of the rituals such as baptism, christening and naming ceremonies, which a biological family may participate in, are missing. Our boutique adoption celebrations are a unique way to welcome your child officially into the bonds of your family.

Your adoption celebration ceremony can include a ceremonial ritual such as a candle ceremony, unity bowl ceremony, hand-fasting ceremony, goldfish ceremony or sand ceremony. These can be a lovely way of representing the unity of your family.

Naming Day

Having given a lot of thought to what you will name your child, thinking of family connections, friends and how each name will fit the personality of your child, the name you choose will have a special meaning to you.

Through your child’s name,  she or he becomes part of the history of our society.

A naming day is a wonderful occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance, reflected in the readings and music you choose, and of course the important people included in the ceremony.

Family Unification

There are many blended families today, and the joining of step-parents and step-children to create a new family is becoming an occasion to celebrate! Such a service will have a special meaning to you, and your children as you pledge to love and care for one-another as a family.

A family unification celebration is a wonderful occasion for each member of your new family, and of course this is reflected in the roles each person takes during your uniquely designed celebration.


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If you think a boutique celebrant might be right for your family celebration, I would be pleased to speak with you. You are bound to have some questions, and I’m happy to chat with you so they are all answered.  Phone, email or text and we’ll get started designing your ceremony!

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What Else?


I understand that every family is different.  Large,  small, traditional, modern, or combination….

  I collaborate with you to design a unique ceremony that has your signature style all over it.

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